Motivating & Orchestrating Respectful Interpersonal Achievement & Harmony
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About Us – Interpersonal Communications, Relationship Development Exposure to Learning


Providing guidance and support services for children with special needs and their families in the development of interpersonal communication, relationship development, and exposure to learning. These life-enhancing resources and services for children to the age of eighteen are provided through the generosity of volunteers, staff, and benefactors, whose focus is on empowering children to maximize their potential.


Founded on the principle that every child deserves opportunity to maximize their individual potential, MORIAH™ collaborates with families, community partners and professional service providers to comply with this social contract. In order to accomplish our mission, MORIAH™ leverages support and guidance from kind-hearted, volunteers and staff whose focus is on giving.

MORIAH™ is an acronym that stands for “Motivate and Orchestrate Respectful Interpersonal Achievement and Harmony.” This concept translates into organizational goals that support an underserved community of children experiencing social and communication idiosyncrasies. The organization incorporates various individualized services targeting children and their families including but not limited to socialization groups and camps, system-level navigational support, and interventions. These evidence-based programs are intended to fill gaps within the fabric of services available within the special needs community.

MORIAH™ is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization. Interpersonal Communications, Relationship Development and Learning.