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Arizona Charitable Tax Credit Donation

MORIAH donors can contribute up to $800 
in the support of children with special needs,
without costing you a dime!!!


The Arizona Charitable Tax Credit allows individuals and couples to make a contribution to an “Arizona Qualifying Charitable Organization,” including the MORIAH Cooperative, and direct where your tax dollars are spent and support children that will benefit from MORIAH's programs. MORIAH is a 501(c)3 charitable organization and donations are tax deductible on your Federal Tax Return.

No cost donation
A dollar-for-dollar tax credit for your donation (up to $400 for an individual or $800 for a couple)
(Note: This refers to the “Assistance to the Working Poor Credit” NOT the “Private School” or “Public School” Tax Credits)
Donations can be made via credit card contributions:

or checks:
memo line: AZ Tax Credit
MORIAH Cooperative
21001 N Tatum Blvd
Suite 1630-513
Phoenix, AZ 85050

Upon receipt of your donation, we will send you a letter stating that you have made a charitable donation to which qualifies you for the tax credit - you'll need this when you complete the AZ Tax Form 321.For more information or questions, please visit the Arizona Department of Revenue website or contact MORIAH at (480) 779-9011.

What is a tax credit?

After you prepare your tax return, you either have:
  1. No tax liability;
  2. You overpaid during the year and you receive a refund; or
  3. You have a tax liability.
If you either 2. or 3. apply above and you owe tax in Arizona, you can take advantage of the tax credit.  You can either increase the amount of your refund or decrease what you owe the state of Arizona.  You have the ability to designate funds that typically would be allocated to the state to an organization like MORIAH.

Who can receive a tax credit?

Anyone who pays Arizona state taxes independent of whether you itemize, are single or married.

What is the contribution deadline for the tax credit?

January 15th of the year after which you'd like for it to apply.
Thank you for your kind consideration!
MORIAH is not a tax advisor and recommends our donors and prospective donors contact a qualified tax professional.

Photo credit: Laura Reynoso