Motivating & Orchestrating Respectful Interpersonal Achievement & Harmony


Who is MORIAH?

  • Founded on the principle that every child deserves the opportunity to maximize their individual potential, MORIAH™ intends to collaborate with families, community partners, and MORIAH Mentoring TNTprofessional service providers to fully satisfy this social contract.     
  • Our mission is to empower children with special needs by offering inclusive social opportunities in a safe and nurturing environment. Utilizing a peer mentorship model, MORIAH helps foster empathy, acceptance and friendship between children with special needs and neurotypical peers. MORIAH promotes appreciation for children of all abilities and encourages them to reach their maximum potential. 


Social and Communication Programs and Support for Children with Special Needs

  • MORIAH™ Inclusive Social Groups: Matching peer mentors with children (having varying special needs) to communicate and model typical age appropriate behavior with their peers in a fun structured environment;
  • MORIAH™ Outreach & Inclusion Methodology (OIM): A research based analytical approach for a) educating the community to respect individual uniqueness, specifically associated with special needs; and b) assisting organizations, including but not limited to camps, sports leagues, and businesses, with the creation of inclusive programs that bridge the divide between typical and children with special needs;
  • MORIAH™ Scholarships: Intended for children who would benefit from expansion of social / communication skills through camps or socialization groups; and
  • MORIAH™ Navigation: provides support for families with a child facing developmental delays or disorders. Services include delivery or referrals including but not limited to assessments, interventions, education or family supports.

Social and Communication Programs Support Children with Special Needs

Intent on developing programs meeting theBoy Face Paint needs of children requiring social skill expansion, MORIAH targets children who benefit from inclusive opportunities and interventions in an extracurricular setting. Such activities include but are not limited to summer camps, social groups and peer mentoring. MORIAH makes scholarships available to families whose children will benefit from such programs. These life enhancing services and resources for children and families help children reach their maximum potential.

MORIAH Sponsors

Thank you to our family and corporate sponsors Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona, Junto Affordable Housing, The King Approach, and Jigsaw Developmental Services for you support!

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Life Enhancing Services and Resources for Children and Families

We are so very thankful for everything you have done and the fun activities you have given us the opportunity to enjoy! I'm in tears! So blessed and so happy for all of it!!!!! Thank you again!!!!! Can't wait for the next event!
Liaini QuichochoParent
Many families contact me looking for social programs for higher functioning members. Many of these members do not enjoy attending programs for “disabled” children. MORIAH offers these members the opportunity to participate in a social group setting where they are not only accepted but are cherished for who they are. …given the lack of resources available and the scarcity of inclusive social groups, we're excited about being able to refer our families to MORIAH.
Donald FeltnerHuman Services Unit Supervisor at the Arizona Division of Developmental Disabilities